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2012-05-14 09:39:24 by BiG-faRt75

I have finnaly made it into the Starcraft 2 gold league.



2012-03-22 21:49:54 by BiG-faRt75

I am in the SC2 silver league and was bored so started playing Bunker wars choices. I did reach the 50 bunker kill requirement and had a pretty good stats. were im going with this is in one game I played with the maker Vanished, and he deleted my stats. I was in shock and aw.

Got SC2 for christmas

2011-12-24 21:59:20 by BiG-faRt75

now I can stop playing SC1 and move onto SC2. Tell me any good strats you got and your B-net account so we can play some time. Im disappionted thier is only a terren storyline though. at least the sequals will tell the story of the other races perspective.

Got SC2 for christmas

MW3 Clans

2011-11-17 18:39:17 by BiG-faRt75

Check out the fourum for the clan (ME)

team vattterot got undefeted

2011-10-09 14:04:06 by BiG-faRt75

are main compitition was washington but even they couldnt beat us. I am BEAST

got some new $120 cleets

2011-08-15 21:35:52 by BiG-faRt75

thier awsome

pixal pokemon

2011-08-13 20:55:15 by BiG-faRt75

just trying very hard to make pixal pokemon